English Courses


AP106 – Apologetics I
   Dr. Robert Klavitter
AP 116 – Apologetics II
   Dr. Robert Klavitter


BI101 – Spirit Leadership (Holiness)
   Dr. Bob Lescelius
BI111 – Spirit Leadership (Prayer)
   Dr. Bob Lescelius
BI121 – Spirit Leadership (Service)
   Dr. Bob Lescelius
BI102 – Jonah
   Dr. Chuck Osborne
BI106 – Galatians
   Dr. Robert Klavitter
B113 – Romans I
   Dr. Jack Green
BI123 – Old Testament Survey
   Dr. Jack Warren
BI133 – Romans II
   Dr. Jack Green
BI136 – The Book of James
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI144 – Pentateuch
   Dr. Bryan Tom
BI146– Hermeneutics
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI183 – Prophesy
   Dr. Don Gregory
BI202 – Jonah
   Rev. Stanley Semour
BI204 – The Book of Colossians
   Dr. Charles Osborne
BI206 – A Study of the Lord’s Church
   Dr. Bill Lee
BI210 – The Book of Acts
   Dr. Jack Green
BI223 – New Testament Survey
   Dr. Bruce Miers
BI226 – Synoptic Gospels
   Dr. David Hernandez
BI243 – I & II Thessalonians
   Dr. Tom Heath
BI253 – General Epistles
   Dr. Bobby Herrell
BI263 – The Gospel of John
   Dr. Bobby W. Herrell
BI302 – The Book of Amos
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI306 – The Ten Commandments
   Dr. Phil Webber
BI313 – Gleanings in John
   Prof. Robert Klavitter
BI333 – Hebrews
   Dr. A.V. Henderson
BI336 – II Corinthians
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
BI337 – II Corinthians
   Dr. Jack Green
BI338 – I Corinthians
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
BI339 – I Corinthians
   Dr. Jack Green
BI366 – Life of Paul
   Dr. John Napier
BI372 – II Thessalonians
   Rev. Stanley Semour
BI406 – Revelation
   Dr. Roy Kemp
BI423 – Bible Study Methods
   Dr. Mike Whisenant
BI453 – Introduction to the Cults
   Prof. Tobias Neal
BI459 – Kingdom Of The Cults
   Dr. Walter Martin
BI483 – Papal Babel (Catholicism)
   Dr. Marvin Sprouse
BI493 – Israel – The Fifth Gospel
   Dr. Phil Sawilowsky
BI503 – Creation – Crash Go the Chariots
   Dr. Clifford Wilson
BI513 – The Book of Colossians
   Dr. Phil Webber
BI523 – Contagious Christianity
   Dr. Phil Webber
BI536 – The Book of Psalms
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI543 – I Timothy
   Dr. Tom Heath
BI552 – II Timothy
   Dr. Tom Heath
BI553 – I, II, III John
   Dr. Don Davis
BI563 II Peter
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI573 The Religion of Judaism
   Dr. Robert Klavitter
BI583 – The Religion of Islam
   Dr. Robert Klavitter
BI593 – The Epistle of Philippians
   Dr. Jimmy Nelson
BI603 – Historical Books
   Dr. Robert Klavitter


TH106 – Bible Doctrine
   Dr. Chuck Osborne
TH10 – The Doctrines of Grace
   Dr. Jack Green
TH116 – Systematic Theology I
   Dr. Chuck Osborne
TH126 – Systematic Theology II
   Dr. Chuck Osborne
TH163 – Seven Studies In Sacred Theology
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH173 – Seven Studies In Solemn Subjects
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH183 – Seven Studies In Saving Grace
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH193 – Seven Studies In Sanctified Living
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH203 – Seven Studies In Spiritual Experience
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH213 – Seven Studies In Serving Obedience
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH223 – Seven Studies In The Second Coming
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH233 – Seven Studies In Sure Ultimates (Future Things)
   Dr. Robert Lescelius
TH263 – Pastoral Theology
   Dr. Tom Heath


CC111 – Ladies Only Seminar
   Dr. Weldon Spracklen
CC112 – Men Only Seminar
   Dr. Weldon Spracklen
CC113 – Family Seminar
   Dr. Terry Samples
CC123 – Parent – Child Enrichment
   Dr. Weldon Spracklen
CC126 – Planned Family Seminar
   Dr. Lanson Ross
CC146 – Christian Counselors Seminar
   Dr. Jay E. Adams
CC152 – Premarital Counseling
   Dr. David Baxley
CC163 – Search For A Functional Family
Dr. C. Bob Hendley
CC183 – Marriage Enrichment Seminary – What Wives Need To Know, How To Kill Communications, Speaking Frankly About Sex, Renewing Romance in Marriage
   Dr. Carl Brecheen


CG101 – Role Of Deacons
   Dr. Julian Rogers
CG103 – Teacher Training Seminar
   Mrs. Donna Brimmer
CG113 – Evangelistic Children’s Church
   Pastor John Brimmer
CG114 – Church Management
   Dr. Truman Dollar
CG123 – Learning To Give
   Dr. Earl Murphy
CG143 – Soul Winning Seminar
   Dr. Bob Smith
CG152 – How to Teach the Bible in the Classroom
   Dr. Bobby Herrell
CG153 – Christian Leadership and Motivation Clinic
   Dr. Bob Smith
CG173 – Junior Church Series
   Kathy Partain
CG183 – Families by Faith
   Rev. Wally Williams
CG193 – Seven Laws of Teaching
   Dr. Howard Hendricks
CG213 – Church Budget
   Dr. Julian Rogers


CO123 – Video Photography
   Video Magazine

EV103 – Child Evangelism
   Dr. Bruce Miers
EV106 – Personal Evangelism
   Dr. Robert Klavitter

CH103 – The Trail of Blood
   Elder Milburn Cockrell
CH106 – Church History
   Dr. Jose Serrano
CH108 – The Trail of Blood
   Elder Jerry Gumm
CH115 – Ecclesiology
   Dr. Jack Green


MI103 – Major In Missions
   Dr. Carl Boonstra
MI113 – Missions
   Dr. Bill Moffitt
MI115 – So Send I You – Documentary of Work In Brazil
MI123 – Practical Missions
   Dr. Phil Gagnon


MU113 – Choir Clinic
   Leonard Moody
MU123 – Let’s Make Music
   Betty Hughes


PI133 – Personal Finance
   Dr. Julian Rogers
PI143 – Personal Bible Study
   Dr. E. Harold Henderson
PI153 – Discovery Seminar – Financial Freedom
   Dr. John P. Morgan


SC106 – Creation, Science, Evangelism
   Dr. Kent Hovind


SI102 –  Spiritism
   Dr. Don L. Davis
SI103 – Prayer Seminar
   Maxine Gardner
SI104 – Sign Language
   Joyce Vick



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