Graduate of Theology (Th.G.)

The Graduate of Theology (Th.G.) requires a total of 90 credit hours.

This specifically designed three year degree is for preachers desiring a formal theological training. This degree is a concentration of Bible, pastoral, and ministry related courses. For many years all pastor’s and missionaries sought this degree. However, as time passed many pastors and missionaries made the decision to continue into four year Bachelor programs.

This degree is perfect for those who because of geographical location, time constraints, or other reasons do not desire to continue into the Bachelor program.

The 90 credits earned in the Th.G. program may be used toward any Bachelor Studies degree.

Tuition and Fees:

  1. A $40.00 registration fee will be charged for each student. This is a one-time non-refundable fee for student registration.
  1. A $40.00 per CREDIT HOUR fee will be charged for each course. The normal load is 15 credit hours, which is $600.00 for each semester.  At least one-fourth of this should be paid upon entrance and the remainder can be paid over a period of three (3) months.
  1. Tuition fees are not refundable within the semester. Semesters paid in advance beyond the current semester are refundable.
  1. Students desiring to participate in the Annual Graduation Exercise will be required to pay the normal graduation fee of $50.00.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Display Christian character recommended by L.B.T.S.
  1. The completion of the prescribed courses with passing grades and an accumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (unless otherwise dictated by a vote of the L.B.T.S. administration).
  1. Payment of all financial obligations.



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