Course Credits


Each DVD/Online Bible Course is assigned a credit hour value. That value is the last number in the Course Description. A course taken by a student may have more than 3 credit hours or less than a credit.

In order to complete a course the student should:

  1. Know the material.
  1. Read a book on the Course subject and write a book report.
  1. Make a photocopy of their notebook consisting of personal notes in the student’s handwriting*  taken while viewing the video.

*(typed notes are acceptable)

  1. Made five teaching or preaching outlines, (any format).

Grades will be as follows:

1st unit is complete when the student has watched the DVDs (or done Online)  and knows the material. Grade is D – Grade point 1

2nd unit is complete when a copy of the students Notebook,  & notes taken while watching the DVDs (or done Online) has been sent to the seminary.  Grade C – Grade point 2

3rd unit is complete when copies of five (5) teaching outlines are sent to the seminary. Grade B – Grade points 3

4th unit is complete  when the student has watched the course lessons and knows the material, has read a book and completed a book report and completed 5 teaching or preaching outlines and has sent all the above material to the seminary. Grade A – Grade points 4 (this is when all 4 units are complete and turned in, received, and accepted by the Dean.)

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