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We believe that the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary has been raised up by the providence of God to provide students with a Baptist education.  The Seminary is located on a beautiful five acre campus near downtown Fort Worth.  The Seminary is operated under the authority of the Landmark Baptist Church.  The faculty is composed of academically qualified pastors with many years in the teaching ministry.  The Seminary has Campus, External Studies, Online Studies, as well as Seminary Extensions in countries around the world . The Seminary provides programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The tuition at the Seminary is minimal to meet the need of those who cannot afford the high cost of a college education.

We invite you to browse our website or contact us today if you are interested in a school which still walks in the old landmarks of our fore-fathers.

Seeking To Fill 3 Positions

Associate Pastor, Dean of Administration and Director of L.A.M.P.

Landmark Baptist Church, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary, and Landmark Mission Projects are seeking to fill the positions of Associate Pastor, Dean of Administration, and Director of L.A.M.P.

The Associate position is a full-time paid position. The Associate could also fill the Dean of Administration position as well. The Director of L.A.M.P position requires the person to raise monthly missionary support. Furthermore, we are looking for those who are in agreement with our doctrinal stance and philosophy. Anyone interested in any of these positions my call me at 817-838-7184, send an email to, or apply online through the jobs section on our Face book page