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The Purpose of Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary

The purpose of the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary is to train Christian leaders and workers, academically and spiritually, to serve around the world. We believe that we have the faculty, the programs, and the experience to provide our students with a quality education. We can prepare them to be preachers, missionaries, evangelist, Christian workers, laymen, Bible teachers with the ability to properly present of the Word of God. Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary’s Campus Division provides resident studies for those who seek a campus environment.

Our External Studies Division enables full time pastors to complete their degree program without leaving their pastorates. The External Studies Division offers full programs. This makes it possible for anyone to further their education in the privacy of their own home without disrupting life and labor.

Our Online Studies Division is currently under construction. Soon students will be able to study from their home anywhere in the world via our online program.

Our Bible Seminary Division brings the Seminary classroom to the local Church. This provides the means for the local Church to train those God calls into full time service without sending them away to a Bible Seminary. These studies also enable the teachers and members of the local Church to participate in the joys and excitement of Bible Study. All L.B.T.S. courses, whether be Campus, External Studies, or Seminary Extensions, carry the same accreditation with credits being transferable to most Bible Seminaries across America. We welcome you to study and grow with L.B.T.S. from where you are, or with us here in Ft. Worth, Texas.

For His Glory,
Dr. Jimmy Nelson

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