Campus Studies

Seminary Teaching Method:

Campus studies are taught using the “Cycle Teaching Method”.  What this means is that the program is based on a continuous four year rotating plan of study.  Any student desiring to enroll as a freshman may enroll at any time during the cycle and remain in the program until the cycle is completed.  One’s status depends on the number of semester credit hours he has accumulated.

Seminary and Student Relationship:

The Seminary makes no effort to direct the entire personal life of the student, and exerts only a minimum amount of direction in the personal life.  Attendance at the Seminary is not a right, but an invitation of the Administration and Faculty, which may be withdrawn at any time.

Tuition and Calendar

The tuition for the Campus Studies  is the same as for our External or Online programs.  Go to Tuition and Fees to find this information.

The 2018-2019 Calendar for L.B.T.S is not available as of yet. Please check back.






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