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1909 Thomas Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76117

817-222-9852 / 817-838-7184


*In the box below, list in order (last to first) all schools or colleges attended after high school. List each on separate line, include School/College Name, City, ST., and Year

*Please list 3 personal references (other than relatives) including Name, Compete Address, Position, and Telephone Number, and Relationship to self. List each on a separate line

*If a professing Christian, write a short statement of your conversion and a short doctrinal statement in boxes below.

I understand that the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary is primarily a religious school. Credits are not guaranteed to be accepted by a secular or state run programs.

***No application will be accepted without a head and shoulder photo of the applicant. Email photo separately to:

Or send via USPS to:

  • Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary
    1909 Thomas Rd
    Fort Worth, Texas 76117.

***(Whether emailed or sent via USPS, please make sure applicants name and address is included, either in the email or written on back of photo)